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Supporting you through life's big transitions.

Growing a family should be the most magical and remarkable experience of your life.

...But it doesn't always feel that way, right?

Coaching helps parents break through feelings of anxiety and fear and experience a calmer, more emotionally balanced pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Using a powerful combination of neuro-linguistic programming, Time Line Therapy® and self-hypnosis, a personal breakthrough is possible in just a few weeks.



Intimate relationships are a crucial source of personal fulfillment and self-gift. Relationship coaching helps you to be a better partner and parent, and equips you with the skills to embrace the joys and challenges that lay ahead.



Pregnancy is a journey into daily unknowns and learning to embrace them. Using a powerful combination of NLP, Time Line Therapy® and self-hypnosis, you can overcome negative emotions, caused by trauma, crisis and birth anxiety, 

moving confidently and comfortably into the adventure that is birth and new motherhood.


Transitions Coaching

Postpartum coaching will create new energy in your mind and soul. Through the use of NLP and Time Line Therapy®, you can let go of the nagging worry and anxiety, feelings of anger and grief, and process events surrounding your child's birth in a safe and comfortable manner.

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