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Begin the Journey of Counselling

So many things can go wrong in life. We are dealt many challenges that we cannot handle alone and need someone who is unbiased and available to listen to our stories and help us get back on track. This is the journey of counselling. A counsellor is someone who will listen to your story, and help you to rediscover yourself, see your past in a new light, and awaken new hope for your future.


Couple & Family


We provide psychotherapy and clinical counselling for all ages and for a variety of issues. Our approach is person--centered and humanistic.

Counselling for Mental Health Professionals

We also offer clinical counselling tailored specifically for Mental Health Professionals using the framework of Schema Therapy.

Marriage Preparation and Enrichment

Marriage is wonderful and can be difficult at the same time. At Charbel Centre, we believe it is a gift to be protected. We provide pre-marital counselling & enrichment counselling.

Based in Guelph, Ontario and eCounselling

We provide online counselling as a convenient alternative to in-person sessions in Guelph, Ontario. We use secure software to provide the best service at an affordable price.

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