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Looking to achieve or maintain a pregnancy?

The odds are better with Creighton.


The Creighton Model FertilityCare™ System, when paired with NaProTechnology, is nearly 3 times more successful than IVF/IUI for assisting infertile couples and does not result in early abortions or frozen embryos.

Assisted reproductive technology works to overcome the fertility cycle by either suppressing or circumnavigating it. NaProTechnology works cooperatively with the menstrual and fertility cycles, respecting the dignity of women and marriage.

Learn to chart your fertility, and heal the root causes of sub- or infertility with NaProTechnology.

Recurrent Miscarriage

Have you experienced repeated miscarriages and received no explanations from your medical team?


The position of Creighton Model FertilityCare™ Practitioners and NaPro-trained medical consultants is that one miscarriage is one too many! Charting your cycle with the Creighton Model helps to detect gynecological conditions or hormonal irregularities which can lead to miscarriage.


Did you know that your ovulation and menstrual cycles are like a real-time report card from your body to you? They can provide so much data when we pay attention!


Women at high risk for miscarriage often see patterns of spotting before their period, very little cervical mucus, and variable lengths of time or short lengths of time between ovulation and the beginning of their next period on their Creighton Model chart. These messages from the body can provide insight into underlying reproductive issues that may be contributing to miscarriage.


NaProTechnology looks for the underlying causes of recurrent miscarriage, providing diagnosis and treatment so you can bring your little one home.

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