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Personal Development

The Charbel Centre is founded on the principle that each person has the ability to grow and change no matter where they are in life. As long as the person desires personal development, everything is possible. The Charbel Centre empowers people with the skills needed for real advancement. Through life coaching, our goal is to make people become their own life coach. 

Sometimes life is too much.

We are not meant to navigate this world alone. Developing new skills and resources can help us live life to the fullest.  Life coaching is a unique opportunity to have a person dedicated to your personal development. Since life is multi-faceted, life coaching involves many aspects of life. Below are some of the areas that life coaching can help you improve.

Life Coaching


Whether you want to start a business or a habit, motivation is the greatest challenge to effective change. Life coaching gives you the tools to motivate yourself and accomplish your dreams. 

Life Purpose

Sometimes with our busy lifestyle, we forget why we do what we do. Life is too short and precious. Life coaching helps you to examine your life and create a purpose.


 Between debt, credit cards, and our fast-paced consumer culture, it is often a big challenge to plan and deal with our financial goals. Life coaching gives you the tools for effective budgeting. 

Time Management

We have so much technology, so little time, and an infinite number of things to do! Life coaching helps you to learn energy and time management by using smart techniques for a productive life.


Choosing a career is not simple. Life coaching helps you explore what energizes you, your personality traits, your strengths, and the kind of change you want to bring into the world.


Intimate relationships are a great source of personal fulfillment and self-gift. Life coaching helps you to be a better partner and gives you the skills to live the joys and challenges of any relationship.

Self Growth

Humans are wonderful and we have the ability to grow infinitely in all areas of life, as long as we have a growth mindset. Life coaching helps you to identify possible areas of growth and keeps you accountable.

Mental Health

Mental health is the key to personal development. Without it, we cannot balance a healthy social life, professional life, and our intimate relationships. Life coaching guides you to achieving improved mental health.


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